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All the Write Colors

Summer Camp

Does your child love telling stories? Do they like drawing cartoons and characters? Join our week-long storybook workshop where your child will walk away as an author!

Location: The Rail District in Frisco


Why Choose All the Write Colors this Summer?

Imagine a 5-day summer program that is so engaging that time flies and kids don't realize how much they're learning. Katharine Hsu, M.Ed. is a pro at this! She creates a magical environment where kids feel welcomed and want to create stories.

All the Write Colors focuses on authentic writing experiences so instead of writing in notebooks or worksheets, kids make real books. They are designing and illustrating characters, and discovering their unique writing voices.

Katharine is also experienced with kids of all learning abilities, so she personalizes the strategies and tools needed for each child. Kids will end the fun week with a publishing party on Friday!

Benefits of Attending ATWC Camp

In addition to walking away with storybooks, here are additional skills they will gain during the week:

  • Confidence
  • Sense of Identity
  • Understanding the use of punctuation marks
  • New Friendships
  • Writing Organization & Elaboration Skills
  • Spelling & Phonics Improvement
  • Sense of Accomplishment

Weeks July 10 & July 17


In my experience, kids love the topic of animal conservation. For weeks 1 and 2, we'll focus on writing storybooks related to animals. It could be a book about dogs, or a story about a Super Dog and his magic powers!  No matter what, their book will be bee-utiful!

Weeks July 24 & July 31


This year's new trend is kids wanting to write about ghosts, magical creatures, or wizards. They love creating spooktacular books with fun characters. So we're dedicating a week for kids to workshop through these amazing stories they have brewing.

**NOTE: Kids are not expected to write stories based on the week's theme. The themes are loose, and kids are encouraged to write about any appropriate topic that makes them happy!

ATWC is Parent Approved!

Receive a FREE Coloring T-Shirt!

Register and receive a free coloring t-shirt. They will get to color it and wear it for the publishing party!

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