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Every Child Learns Differently

What We Offer

Classes at All the Write Colors are carefully designed to celebrate your child's strengths and support their needs. We have developed a praise-based teaching method that combines our knowledge of research-based literacy practices, executive functioning skills, and social-emotional learning. We pride ourselves in being child-first. This means instead of forcing your child into a curriculum or program, we adapt the lessons to them.  In doing so, your child will finally gain happiness plus a desire to learn and write.

Private 1-to-1 Classes

"I like coming here because I don't have to share attention with other kids, and I can just be me."

- A.A., 4th Grade Writer

Why choose
1-on-1 classes?

In this video, I share with you the advantages of choosing 1-on-1 classes over group classes.

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Writing Clubs

"This is the happiest writing place because we get to write what we want to write. It would be called the saddest writing place if you told us what we had to write."

- Dylan, 3rd Grade Writer

Writing Clubs, or small group classes, are no more than 2-4 students and are carefully designed to improve writing skills while simultaneously teaching social and collaboration skills. Students will work on their own book projects, receive coaching from the teacher, and learn how to receive and give feedback with peers. These classes are recommended as enrichment for kids who already enjoy writing. 

"My son told me that ever since he started working with you, he feels better about even going to school. There was some part of him that didn't like school because of reading, and now he loves it all!"

"My two daughters enjoyed every minute they spent with Katharine. She's so knowledgeable in the art of interacting with kids. If you want your child to improve their writing skills, and more importantly their confidence, don't think twice. Katharine is the one for you!"

"I feel so proud of myself. My book is epic! Thank you for teaching me and helping me like writing."

"Katharine's patience is like no other teacher I've experienced. She has effortless ways to connect with your child to help them enjoy learning, even in the areas that are difficult for them."

What do Classes Look Like?

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