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Help your child shine! 

Plano & Frisco, TX

Get the progress you want with fun, individualized reading & writing classes from a Learning Specialist.


✔️ Katharine has over a decade of success working with hundreds of children with reading or writing challenges.

✔️ She knows multiple instructional methods and adapts to your child's strengths.

✔️ There's no one-size-fits-all model.

✔️ See progress and confidence increase in as short as 4-6 Weeks!*

✔️ Katharine has a Masters in Education and multiple certifications.

✔️ She understands child developmental needs and focuses on the well-being of your child.


"My son told me that ever since he started working with you, he feels better about even going to school. There was some part of him that didn't like school because of reading, and now he loves it all!"

"My two daughters enjoyed every minute they spent with Katharine. She's so knowledgeable in the art of interacting with kids. If you want your child to improve their writing skills, and more importantly their confidence, don't think twice. Katharine is the one for you!"

"I feel so proud of myself. My book is epic! Thank you for teaching me and helping me like writing."

"Katharine's patience is like no other teacher I've experienced. She has effortless ways to connect with your child to help them enjoy learning, even in the areas that are difficult for them."

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What will Classes Include? 

Classes at All the Write Colors will include the appropriate instructional methods that matches your child's academic needs AND strengths. This means no one model fits all! Unlike tutoring, a learning specialist will customize and design fun classes for your child to break any barriers that might be keeping them from learning at their top potential.


Personal Letters

Phonics Instruction

Creative Writing

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