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Katharine Hsu

I believe there are a lot of brilliant kids misunderstood in education and I've spent years studying how to bring out the best in every child academically. 


After teaching and leading in the public school system for over a decade, I realized there are too many limitations in the system that do not support both neurodivergent kids or kids of color. In order for me to make the change I wanted to see, I needed to step out on my own and show what is possible, one student success story at a time. 

I grew up in a bilingual family, as a first generation kid who was neurodivergent and in both the ESL and Gifted/Talented programs. However, I kept doing poorly in school. As I became educated myself as a teacher, I discovered the school system expected me to fit inside a box, and when I didn't, the blame was placed on me. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen to your child.

Please take a second to scroll down and see my list of experience and awards. I would love to meet you and chat more.

Featured In:

Speaking Engagements:


Bachelor of Arts (2010)

Elementary Education

Furman University


Master of Education (2015)

Curriculum & Instruction

George Mason University


Elementary K-6

Gifted Education K-12

English as a Second Language

Middle School English 6-8

Middle School Math 6-8

Apple Teacher



Dyslexia Awareness

Teaching Experience

Classroom Grades 2-8

English Learner Teacher

Instructional Lead Teacher

Teaching Methods

Reading & Writing Workshop

Explicit Phonics Instruction

Guided Reading

Interactive Read-Alouds

Responsive Classroom

Personalized Learning

Culturally Relevant Teaching

Constructive Hands-On Learning

Balanced Literacy

Project-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning


Other Employment

Middle School Instructional Technology Coordinator

Senior Professional Learning Manager

Newsela, Inc

Education Consultant & Collaborator

Program Knowledge


Fountas & Pinnell BAS

TCRWP Units of Study

95 Percent Phonics Booster

95 Percent Vocabulary Surge

Lexia Core5


Literacy Footprints

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