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All the Write Sounds

The reading program created for YOUR child!

Start Here!

In this video:
➔ What is the All the Write Sounds reading program?

➔ What makes this reading program different?

➔ How can this program help my child?

Ready to Begin
Your Reading Adventure?

Level 1: Vowels & Consonants

Parent Video

Steps to Success:

1. Parent: Watch this Level 1 Parent Video

2. Have your child watch the two Level 1 Kids Videos below
3. Work on the activities included underneath the videos until your child is comfortable with all of the alphabet letters.

Kids Videos

Your Goal for Level 1

Work on the activities below until your child can do the following with each letter:

  ➔ Say it

  ➔ Point to it

  ➔ Write it

Choose Your Next Adventure!

Below are some fun activities to help get your child comfortable with the various vowel and consonant sounds of the alphabet.

  1. Reviews using letter cards (download here)
    - Review 4 consonant sounds per day. When your child is comfortable with those 4, you can move on to 4 more.
    - Review vowel cards daily or all at once (Make sure your child uses the hand gestures!).

  2. Use picture-matching cards (download here) along with alphabet magnets

  3. Have theme days, where the entire day you notice words that have a specific sound, e.g. the "ah" sound (notice we are going by sound and not letter).

  4. Drawing activity for confusing letters
    If your child is confusing certain letters (like x and t, b and d, or p and q) have them create a drawing to distinguish the letters part (like turning a t into a tree, and an f into a fox)


Level 2 will launch in mid-July

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