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Welcome to Steal It! This game will help students learn r-controlled vowels, magic E, and vowel teams in a captivating, fun way!


The game comes with 32 word cards per lesson for a total of 96 word cards, and 16 raccoon cards. Special sounds are color-coded to aid in reading them.


How to Play:

  • Print onto standard letter-size paper
  • Cut cards on dotted lines
  • Choose which cards to include in the game - only include words that have already been taught.
  • Take turns drawing a card - If you draw a raccoon card:
    Steal cards from the other player equal to the number on the raccoon card (In this example, you’d steal 2 cards from the other player). Then, discard the raccoon card.
  • Place your card(s) in front of you, creating columns of unique spellings/sounds (using colors as a visual cue).
  • Each time you place a new card, read all cards in that column aloud.
  • The game is over when all cards have been drawn. The player with the most cards wins!


32 R-Controlled Vowel Cards Included:

The following r-controlled vowel cards are included in this 8.5x11 letter-sized PDF:

  • ir: bird, twirl, firm, dirt, stir, third, first, shirt
  • ur: burn, curl, purse, slurp, turn, hurt, burst, lurk
  • ar: bark, start, march, chart, dark, park, farm, marsh
  • or: fork, born, story, port, corn, for, pork, thorn


32 Magic E Cards Included:

The following magic e (silent e) cards are included in this 8.5x11 letter-sized PDF:

  • a-e: mane, tape, rave, face, shake, wade, made, cape
  • i-e: mine, tile, ripe, nice, pile, chime, mile, pipe
  • u-e: mute, tune, cute, truce, rule, cure, pure, mule
  • o-e: poke, more, tone, core, joke, spoke, note, wove


32 Vowel Team Cards Included

The following vowel team cards are included in this 8.5x11 letter-sized PDF:

  • ou: cloud, pound, four, about, group, noun, soul, soup
  • ea: meat, wear, real, mean, leak, team, leash, leaf
  • oi: coil, point, boing, voice, broil, soil, loin, noisy
  • ai: mail, rain, snail, fairy, waist, chair, maid, wait

STEAL IT! Spelling Game - R-Controlled Vowels, Magic E, & Vowel Teams

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