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Top 20 NEW Asian American Picture Books to Buy

Even though May is the month we recognize AAPI, it's important we help South and East Asian American children feel seen all year long.

Here are 20 picture books that I feel really celebrate the culture of Asian American children. The stories talk about blending their family's background with their current culture. It can really help children develop confident identities.

For children who are not Asian, these books can serve as awesome "windows" to learn about Asian American friends. As Dr. Rudine Sims-Bishop says, books have a lot of power when we recognize that they can be windows, mirrors, and sliding doors for children.

I have a love for picture books because they are quick and easy to read for people of all ages. Furthermore, the covers are so beautiful that they can be part of your home or classroom decor. Below is a picture of my home learning center for kids.

Do you intentionally use picture books to decorate?

Click on the book covers to add each book to your shopping cart!

(Yes, they are Amazon affiliate links. Any profit made will be used to purchase "mirror and window" books for my students! Thanks, in advance, for your support!)

#1 The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh (2019)

#2 Mommy's Hometown (2022)

#3 How We Say I Love You (2023)

#4 Hair Twins (2021)

#5 Beautifully Me (2021)

#6 Tofu Takes Time (2022)

#7 Diwali in My New Home (2022)

#8 Spicy Spicy Hot! (2023)

#9 Luli and the Language of Tea (2022)

#10 American Desi (2022)

#12 So Not Ghoul (2022)

#13 My Tree (2021)

#14 Everyone Loves Lunchtime but Zia (2023)

#15 The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name (2023)

#16 A Dupatta Is... (2023)

#17 I Am Golden

#18 The Yellow Áo Dài (2023)

#19 I Am a Bold Asian Boy! (2023)

#20 Laxmi's Mooch (2021)

There's...SO MANY MORE!!

It's truly amazing all the books now available about different Asian American cultures. Please share anyones your children particularly like so I can add to my collection. If you're reading this and you happen to want to write children's books, something I notice is there are not enough stories for Asian American boys. Please write some! ;)

I hope you've found this list helpful. Stay in touch via Facebook and Instagram @AlltheWriteColors.



Founder/CEO of All the Write Colors


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