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FREE Downloadable Phonics Board Game: Treat Trail

Here is a game I made that a lot of my students have loved. When you buy games online, they are often generic and not strategically aligned to the order we would teach certain phonics sounds. Therefore, sometimes the games are too hard, too boring, or too easy for the child.

If you're a parent who likes to DIY, all I did was create a game name and game board background that is related to the kids' interests (i.e. candy, t-rex, donuts). Then, I create a bunch of word cards related to the sound rules we've been working on.

The game is played like CandyLand.

Flip all the cards facedown in a stack. Take turns drawing a card. If you can read it, you can move to that space.

Pro Tip - sound out the words like a kid so they are comfortable doing the same!

Sometimes if a child hates reading, it's often because we've made reading/school feel like work by using practice workbook pages, or an activity that doesn't align to their personality. For kids with competitive spirits, games are a great way to bring in fun and connection in literacy.

And then when you add their interests to the game, you're going to see a boost in engagement!

The game includes 99 cards and six different game boards to choose from. Scroll down to go to the game or click here to go to the shop.

At checkout, type in the coupon code SUMMERGAME and receive the game for free!

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