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Historias de éxito

"I'm more excited about publishing party than my swim class today!"

"Can I work on my book during recess?"

"When I'm done, can I make a nonfiction book about Target?"

"I've written 3 illustrated books in four weeks. Naruto is my favorite one."

"My family's from Guatemala so writing this was so special. Now people can learn about it."

"I'd rather work on my book than the math project. I have two more chapters to finish."

"Look at my book about space and black holes! I didn't know I could write all this."

"I like to play soccer and do writing. Here's my book about my foot surgery this year."

"I can't wait for writing time today so I can work on my Bolivia book."

"I feel so proud of myself. I drew diagrams and added fun facts in every chapter."

Leslie O.

veteran ELL teacher of 31 years

"Parents LOVE having their child in Ms. Hsu's class! She looks for the strengths in each child and even the most reluctant learners feel safe to express themselves. They beam with pride and enthusiasm when they write their own books with stories and topics of their choice. Katharine is also highly knowledgeable about language and artfully explains how English works in a way that children are not intimidated.  Katharine has a way to make all people, children and adults alike feel included, acknowledged and appreciated."

Mason T.

former student accepted into arts college

"I was taught by Ms. Hsu twice, once in Fifth grade and another time in Eighth grade. Ms. Hsu introduced me to creative writing in Fifth grade. This became an outlet for me throughout the rest of my school years, even now in my Senior year of high school. Writing has allowed me to express myself, to commemorate the words in my head. The techniques and lessons that I’ve learned from Ms. Hsu prepared me for English exams after elementary school, writing essays in high school, and even my college essay this past Fall. Through Ms. Hsu, not only did I gain a better interest in and love for writing, but I also gained a love for reading. When I do read, I have a better understanding of what I’m reading, and I seriously enjoy every book I’ve read, regardless of whether it’s been assigned to me or not.  

Second Grade Year-Long Growth

This is growth after working with a class of 16 children every day VIRTUALLY.

I am sure I can help your child one-on-one.

De Antiguos Alumnos

¡Esta página está en construcción y próximamente disponible! En esta página, compartiré testimonios para que pueda escuchar directamente de quienes han trabajado conmigo y su experiencia. También agregaré algunos datos para mostrar el éxito del crecimiento de la lectura de los niños. Por ahora, eche un vistazo a la página biográfica completa de Katharine para obtener más información sobre su experiencia en la enseñanza de la alfabetización.

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Fifth Grade: Every Kid Improved!

The Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark assessment assesses fluency and comprehension.


parent of 2nd grader during Covid Virtual Learning

"If you are a caring parent looking for an extraordinary personal literacy teacher, I recommend you take advantage for Katharine Hsu to teach your child! First and foremost, her personality WILL light up a room and make it really easy to captivate your child's mind and turn it into the enormous sponge it was created to be! Her patience is like no other teacher I have experienced with my children so far. She effortlessly has ways to connect with your child and help them enjoy learning, even in the areas that are difficult for them.


She's very interactive with her students and gives off a truly GENUINE desire to help your child elevate their mind and push through any mental roadblocks they may have. My oldest has had very good teachers, but Katharine exceeds even the "good" teachers because her energy screams "I was born to teach" as opposed to ``I'm good at my job." Personally, I feel your child would be at a great advantage by having Ms. Hsu as their personal literacy teacher. As a caring parent myself, I would pray you select her over any other so you too would be HAPPY to share your personal experience, just like I am. Do it for your child now because now is where their future begins."

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