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Make learning fun with this Sloth Spelling Activity Bundle! I find that kids learn so much better when they're excited about a subject, and this sloth-themed bundle does not disappoint.


You'll find the following activities in this PDF:


  • Hearing Short Vowels: QR Code to a short video, along with pictures and vowels. The student should say the picture out loud, and circle the vowel they hear. (Also includes answer key)
  • Hive Five!: A writing activity for short vowel sounds. The student should write words that use the short vowel sound for each vowel: a, e, i, o, & u.
  • Hey!: Words that sound like "ay" but are spelled with "ey". Students fill in the blanks with the correct vowel. Also can be cut out to make a memory game!
  • Use it in Real Life!: Creative writing prompts using "ey" words (and "sloth" of course!)
  • A Little Word Search: Word search game for words ending in "le" (Also includes answer key)
  • Super Chill Crossword: Fill in the letters to finish the words - all "er" words (Also includes answer key)
  • It's Super Mixed Up!: An unscramble-the-words game, consisting of all "er" words (Also includes answer key)
  • Color the Sight Words: A sloth coloring activity featuring a sight word for each color
  • Your Writing is Blossoming!: A creative writing activity using various sight words
  • Sound Teams: A writing activity for sounds that need two letters (like "ai" in "wait")

Sloth Spelling Activity Bundle for Ages 7-12

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