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This is SLAP the PIG!, the game that makes learning reading and pronunciation FUN!


In this game, the current player draws a card and pronounces the phrase on the card. But here's the catch - if a player draws a PIG card, both players must attempt to SLAP the PIG! By playing this fun, fast-paced game, students reinforce what they've learned and the words are further cemented into their long-term memory!


The game comes with 60 unique phrase cards and 12 pig cards.


Phrase cards included:

  • I can hang / Catch the ball / I can swing / We are jumping / We are in the park / It is hot
  • I can dig / I like this bench / I am fast / This is fun / I like class / I am happy
  • I can swim a lot / I like picnics / I want a book / My sister is with me / Sand is fun / I can hang with my friends
  • I like math / I am sick / I need a nap / We are strong kids / I like blocks / I like swinging
  • Good morning / I like sports / My bus is here / I love my dog / My dog can sit / I am on a trip
  • We can sing / My brother is funny / Hello! / This is a ship / This is my garden / My farm has eggs
  • I like chips / I like dump trucks / I like birds / This is a ship / I am in a band / My leg hurts
  • I am sad / I love grandpa / Hugs are the best / Mom is fun / I can slurp / This is hard
  • I love books / I like pandas / It is a skunk / I am thinking / I did great / I am upset
  • I like mud / I can sit in a box / I can get wet / I like to splash / I can sing a song / I like the drums


What makes my products different:

Hi, I'm Katharine Hsu, M.Ed. My goal with teaching is to create fun experiences that engage kids and make learning enjoyable! I work with neurodivergent kids with unique brains that process information in their own special way! With every activity I make, I tailor it to multiple different learning styles using imagery, colors, and other visual cues. In my shop you'll find activities that appeal to a wide range of personalities and learning styles! If there's something you'd like to see, just shoot me an email at


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Slap the Pig! Fast-Paced Phonics Game

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