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Welcome to The Poop Game! This is my most popular learning activity with my students. This game will help students learn blended consonants, cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) and sight words in a captivating, fun way!


The game comes with 24 phrase cards and 8 poop character cards. Special sounds are color-coded to aid in reading them.


All pictures except poop are real photographs, to help make learning more engaging and memorable.


How to Play:

  • Print onto standard letter-size paper
  • Cut cards on dotted lines
  • Crumple up each card into a ball
  • Toss all balls into a pile on the floor
  • Each player takes a turn grabbing and unfolding a ball
    - After unfolding, if you find a poop, you get a point
    - Otherwise, you need to read aloud what you find on the card, being careful to sound out each word
  • After all 8 poops are found, game is over
  • Player with the most poops collected wins!


24 Phrase Cards Included:

The following phrase cards are included in this 8.5x11 letter-sized PDF:

  • I can clap.
  • It is a fire truck.
  • The van is fast.
  • The flag is red.
  • Trucks are fun.
  • Dad is glad.
  • I like hugs.
  • Dad has a scab.
  • It is a big box.
  • Mom is fun.
  • The slug is sad.
  • I see a big bug
  • I can run.
  • The pig smells.
  • The sun is hot.
  • Stop the bus!
  • Get a snack.
  • Stack it up.
  • Grab it!
  • He hit the car.
  • Slap the sticks.
  • Cats like naps.
  • Flip the pan.
  • Do not spit.

POOP Game - Blended Consonants, CVC, and Sight Words

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