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With this K-Pop Style Cafe Menu worksheet, even if your students don't like math, they'll still have a great time! The positive experience working with the math while doing something fun will give them more confidence and help them enjoy working with numbers more in the future. It also provides a real-life scenario that shows where we use math in "real life", which can help students to be more engaged in the activity.


The worksheet features a cafe menu with food options and prices. Orders are shown underneath, and the student can add up the price for each item to get the order total.


The worksheet also includes a custom order form, where students can create their own custom orders and add up the totals!


What makes my products different:

Hi, I'm Katharine Hsu, M.Ed. My goal with teaching is to create fun experiences that engage kids and make learning enjoyable! I work with neurodivergent kids with unique brains that process information in their own special way! With every activity I make, I tailor it to multiple different learning styles using imagery, colors, and other visual cues. In my shop you'll find activities that appeal to a wide range of personalities and learning styles! If there's something you'd like to see, just shoot me an email at


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K-Pop Style Cafe Menu Math Worksheet

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