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Preteen Book Publishing Class

I'm here to help your imaginitive preteen become a published author on Amazon! Your child will work toward a published book, and gain self-confidence through my positive-affirming teaching approach.

Click here to see a few of the books our students have published on Amazon!

Schedule & Pricing

The class will be held once a week for 14 weeks - from Aug 20 - Nov 19. From my experience, this is the typical time span it has taken for students to publish a book they are proud of without being rushed. The class is limited to 5 spots.

Each class is $65/session. Payment can be made through either Zelle or Venmo, and may be paid biweekly, monthly, or in full. An $80 publishing fee will be charged at the end of the course (see Publishing Process below for details).

Classes are located at my home learning center and parents are allowed to wait in the family waiting room to listen and get feedback at the end of each class.

The Agenda

We start by making sure the kids feel comfortable with each other and everyone’s strengths are valued. Then we map out our story to ensure it is long enough for Amazon’s page minimum requirement (and to make sure the story is engaging). Next we’ll work on character development and each week they will write and/or illustrate a bit of their story.


I teach the students how to use Canva to upload their images and format their pages professionally. My goal is to give them personalized feedback that both helps them grow as a writer and as a confident individual. They will hear lots of compliments, encouragement, and collaboration. 

In my classes, I focus on teaching these skills to my students:

  • Individual author’s voice

  • Character complexity

  • Organized plot

  • Conflict-resolution

  • Dialogue

  • Descriptive imagery

  • Expressing character emotions

  • Point of view

  • Vocabulary

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Digital formatting conventions

  • Keyboarding skills


The Publishing Process

After your child completes the course, we will proceed with the publishing process. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Proofreading

  • Digital publishing of hand-drawn or hand-written books

  • Cover layout design

  • Formatting to align with Amazon's technical requirements

  • Ensuring the layout looks professional

  • Submitting to Amazon

  • Creating additional marketing images to be included in the Amazon listing

Final Steps

After publishing, you'll be able to order wholesale author copies to sell or gift, and you can even throw a publishing party for your child to celebrate their accomplishment!


If you host a party, we are happy to share suggestions of what others have done in the past.


Each quarter, 80% of profits from your child’s book will be calculated and distributed to your child.



This class is limited to just 5 spots! If you are interested, please fill out the application below.

What experience does your child have with writing stories and books? My child...
has written many stories
has illustrated many stories
has published a book before
has great ideas, but has trouble finishing their stories
has a hard time writing a story
Which of the following skills is your child familiar with?
Does your child have any learning needs or differences that we can support?
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