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All the Write Colors

Welcome to the All the Write Colors Bookshop! Here you'll find books created by our very own kid authors!

Super Melon

by Naomi Boren

A relaxing day at the beach turns into an adventure after Hector spits its binky into to the ocean. Will a simple day at the beach turn into something exciting? Find out in Super Melon.

blob century COVER.jpg

Blob Century

by Mateo Shaffer

Blob Century is an exciting adventure about a blob named Jenithy who gets banished from her hometown. Join her as she travels through the forest, makes new friends, and tries to win the age-old battle of good vs. evil. Will Jenithy be able to redeem herself?


Black Cat Black Magic

by Kendrick Bass

One fateful day, Snowy gets a visit from the black cat named Darkness. From that day on, his life takes an ominous turn. Will he be able to undo the dark magic that has been brought upon him?

tom and holly COVER.jpg

Tom and Holly

by Ivy Kasson

Join Tom and Holly, two friendly trolls, on their adventures through the forest. When Tom suddenly gets lost one day, and Holly goes looking for him, they each encounter strange creatures.


Are these strange creatures friend or foe? Read the story to find out!


Sea Universe

by Tomas Conde

It is far in the future after humans have demolished the earth. The only living creatures that remain are of the sea. Follow along with Jerry the Sea Turtle as he devises a devious plan with his friends.

joe gets lost COVER.jpg

Joe Gets Lost

by Lily Hunt

Joe the crab is having a great day searching for seashells with his family.


Suddenly, he loses his family!


Will he find his family ever again?

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